Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January 25

Hi !!
 Drawers.....kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers, kids dresser drawers,  drawers in the garage, drawers in the basement, master bedroom drawers....I love 'drawers' but they drive me silly.  Its a great place to 'stick' stuff but it gets to a point when I say.."wow..i got to do something here"....My unmentionable drawer in my room is so full of 'stuff' now that i cant fit all my socks & underwear in it....Crazy!  Soooo today is the day ...Drawer one...get rid of old receipts, mail etc.  that has piled up in here.....(yes i said mail in my drawer..lol..i tend to throw it in there thinking i open the drawer everyday three times a day and i will 'get around to it' lol )
Happy Day !!

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