Monday, 9 January 2012

January 10

Have anyone seen the show 'Hoarders'???  I feel bad for all the people on the show.  They are all dealing with many problems and I pray they get the help they need.  One show that always gets me is the 'cat lady'.  They found two dead cats in her home buried under layers and layers of 'stuff'...i just cant imagine.  Every time I do watch Hoarders I feel the need to clean.  I take a bag and find 10 things I can throw away.  I usually go in the basement.....10 things to throw away in fifteen minutes!!  So there you have it....Monday night in my house was watching Hoarders (and it was the cat lady!) than throwing away 'stuff'....I also ended up taking the dog for a
Happy Day!!!  Now go find 10 things you can throw away!!!

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