Tuesday, 31 January 2012

january 31

  WOW I did it!  A full month writing here...lets see if i can manage next month!!!
Today is for the kids.....Go to your rooms and find 10 things you can throw away!!!  If your really good at this maybe you can find 10 things to donate!!!!
Happy Day!!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

January 30th

Happy Monday!!!
  I have to tell you about a wonderful product i found years ago when the girls were babies....I had a hard time keeping up with milk spills and stains.....A lady told me about this in Nova Scotia and i was like "yeah...ill have to try it to believe it".....well it works!!!  it gets stains out of everything...and anything...spray it on...let it sit ...than agitate it with your finger and voila! its gone!!!!    Its at Canadian Tire....in a white trigger bottle with green letters called Folex.      
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

january 29th

Happy Sunday.....
  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Get everyone today to get their things ready for school, work for tomorrow morning....  How is the microwave?? Kitchen drawers??  Why not wipe out the microwave and tidy up the kitchen drawers ...this should take no more than fifteen minutes...And if you did clean them out earlier it will be very quick....
Take Care..

Friday, 27 January 2012

January 28th

 Yeah for the weekend!!  The bathtub....everyone have their own loofah sponge??  I think we have 5 hanging in the tub...I was lucky enough to find a wire rack with 4 hooks and suction cups on back to hold the sponges, shower caps etc....but you can also use window hooks...You know the ones..suction cup with a little hook on front to hang things from your window...lol...Just moisten the suction cup and stick it to the bath tub wall...voila!! Sponge holder...better than having them hanging from the faucet....
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

january 27

I know you all have them.....mismatched socks...what do you do with them??  Do you hold onto them waiting for the partner to magically arrive??  lol...I use to save all mine in a cloth bag..when the girls were young we would make sock puppets.  Funny thing was...once the puppet was made the 'partner' magically did show up!!! Anyhow...I did throw out all the mismatched socks but 3-4...i put them on my hands and spray some pledge and away i go!!!  My hand dusters!!!!  I do like 'Swifter' dusters but i also like my 'sock dusters'....
Happy Day!!!   Enjoy the weekend!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

january 26

It has been a very slow few days for me.  With a bad back there is not much  I can do.
So today I will clean out my inbox!!!  Get rid of all the junk and old emails!!!
Happy day!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January 25

Hi !!
 Drawers.....kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers, kids dresser drawers,  drawers in the garage, drawers in the basement, master bedroom drawers....I love 'drawers' but they drive me silly.  Its a great place to 'stick' stuff but it gets to a point when I say.."wow..i got to do something here"....My unmentionable drawer in my room is so full of 'stuff' now that i cant fit all my socks & underwear in it....Crazy!  Soooo today is the day ...Drawer one...get rid of old receipts, mail etc.  that has piled up in here.....(yes i said mail in my drawer..lol..i tend to throw it in there thinking i open the drawer everyday three times a day and i will 'get around to it' lol )
Happy Day !!

Monday, 23 January 2012

january 24

I found this useful tip over the internet and I tried it and it works great.  Ever run out of steel wool or SOS pads while doing those baked on greased glass dishes??  Crumple up a piece of tin foil into a ball and scrub away!!!
Happy Day!!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

january 23

 Hope everyone had a great weekend....I got a wonderful tip from my sister-in-law  !  Sheets & Pillowcases...have a hard time finding the pillowcases to match the sheets in the linen closet?  Or is the pillowcases you know you have to match yours on someone elses bed???  Heres the solution....When washed and folded...place the sheets IN the pillowcase ...and of course the pillowcases to match.  Never search again!!! And to keep the sheets extra fresh place a dryer sheet inside as well!!!!   I love this!
Thanks T  Have a Happy Day!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

january 22

Its Sunday!!  Have fun with your family.  Don't forget to get everyone on board and get everything ready for Monday morning!!!!
Happy Day!

Friday, 20 January 2012

january 21

Want to refresh your home with a pleasant scent??  We have a furnace for our main heating and let me tell you with these temps in Alberta its pumping all day long...I use my dryer sheets..i tuck them in my vents in the floors..it makes a wonderful smell through the house!!!!   :-)
Happy Day!!!

january 20

Sorry im so late!!  I have been trying to figure out a way to get ALOT of lint out of a hoodie.
Clear Tuck Tape!!   Just wrap a piece around your hand and a way you go!!!!  Its also good for jewellry
boxes...take out all your jewellry and trinkets and continue to dab the cloth with tape....voila! All dust and lint is gone!!  Happy Day!!
Enjoy the weekend....

Thursday, 19 January 2012

January 19th

I guess I got ahead of myself yesterday...with the date...so sorry.
Hoping the fridge is getting cleaned....Today don't forget the freezer...remove all the old food...the packages of saran wrap or tin foil we are unsure of....get rid of it...and dont forget to wipe it out...a warm cloth will do just fine...if you have alot of crumbs in your freezer you can vaccum it out..sometimes crumbs will also gather around the rubber seal of the door and freezer....you can wipe it out or even get a toothbrush and guide it along....
Happy Day!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

wednesday January 28th

How is the cleaning of the fridge??  Ok so you did the drawers, and the door..how about the main part today??  I find it easy to do one shelf at a time....and remember to wipe it out as you go!!!!
Happy Day & Stay warm!!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

january 17

With flu & cold season upon us.....stock up on Lysol wipes and spray....and don't forget the gingerale and javex for those not who arent so lucky and get the stomach flu.  of course the ginger ale is to drink & the javex is to clean!!!!
Happy Day!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

January 16

Hey !! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.
ok so we cleaned out the fridge drawers.....now how about the door?  Get rid of all those expired salad dressings and lemon juice!! haha....don't forget to wipe out the shelves in the door !!!
Happy Day everyone!!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

january 15

Happy Sunday!!!
 Its family day..a wonderful day to spend time with those you love...And don't forget to tell those you love to get their things ready for Monday morning!!!!  Its always easier to have lunches & snacks packed the night before school & their clothes ready!!!  We will be digging out our long-johns today!! -35 all next week!!  BRrrrrrr
Happy Day everyone!

january 14

Its the weekend!!  Nothing too strenuous today!  How about your toothbrush holder??  Why not take out your brushes and give them a good rinse in hot water and sanitize your toothbrush holder!!!
Happy Day!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

January 13

Friday the 13th....
 Computer desk....Whats on yours???  Lets go through the papers, pictures, cords, pens, pencils,'crap' & figure out where everything goes....Happy Day!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January 12

Bonjour, Hello !!!
  I got todays tip from a wonderful friend 'back home'.  She has started to organize her 'special' things....Love letters, poems etc.   They have been placed in cabinets, dresser drawers, boxes.  She has a chest and have gathered them all together to put them in.  Having them all together is very nice.  Sit back and let the memories flow.... :-)    To my dear friend.....I hope you are enjoying everything together!!!
Happy Day!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January 11

Ok ..back to the kitchen.  That drawer that none of us likes to clean....you know the one.  You open it and take out a pan...and pray when you go to close it it will shut without something slipping behind....THE OVEN DRAWER!!!  ok lets take 15 minutes....open it up..take everything out....vaccum it out...(i find this makes it easy to get the dust under the stove as well)...wipe it out and put everything back neat and tidy!!! Voila!!
Easy....Easy.....Happy Day!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

January 10

Have anyone seen the show 'Hoarders'???  I feel bad for all the people on the show.  They are all dealing with many problems and I pray they get the help they need.  One show that always gets me is the 'cat lady'.  They found two dead cats in her home buried under layers and layers of 'stuff'...i just cant imagine.  Every time I do watch Hoarders I feel the need to clean.  I take a bag and find 10 things I can throw away.  I usually go in the basement.....10 things to throw away in fifteen minutes!!  So there you have it....Monday night in my house was watching Hoarders (and it was the cat lady!) than throwing away 'stuff'....I also ended up taking the dog for a walk....lol.
Happy Day!!!  Now go find 10 things you can throw away!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


This is what I found today in the flylady site and thought i would share with you all.  

I found the internet in 1996 when I was attending Brevard College. The very first thing I ever searched for on the internet was help getting my home in order. I typed in the search box, The Sidetracked Home Executives, Pam Young and Peggy Jones. I was delighted to find them after several years of being sidetracked and "Off their Bandwagon"!

Their books and system helped me to survive a bad marriage and keep things together for my son! They taught me how to be kind to myself. I went searching for ways to "Get Organized" and found myself in the process of eliminating the clutter in my life.

It is amazing what you can find underneath all the clutter you have stashed. Over the years we have held on to so much useless junk. Much of that junk was the anger, guilt and sadness we stuffed because we didn't want to deal with it. What I found as I got my home in order was that with each physical piece of clutter I got rid of, I also got to toss out some of my negativity and perfectionism.

That negativity and perfectionism was holding me down. It was keeping me from FLYing! The truth is that it was really stopping me from being who I was supposed to be. When your clutter has held you captive you become its slave. You don't have time to follow your dreams. After many years of imprisonment you even forget what your dreams were.

The reason you forgot your dreams is they seemed impossible to attain with the house being a mess. I can help you find your dreams again and all you have to do is put one foot in front of another. This is not a magical "Get Organized Quick" Scheme.

We can all get our houses clean really fast if company is coming. The problem is that our homes do not stay that way very long because we can't find anything after we have stashed and dashed. I want to give you the tools to keep your house only 15 minutes away from being company ready. As we get rid of our clutter we find places to put things. As my Granny always said, "Everything has a place and everything in your place.

When you don't have a place for things because your useful storage is occupied by clutter, that's when your stuff is homeless. All of your homeless stuff begins to take over every flat surface in your home. We call those cluttered up flat surfaces Hot Spots. Our Hot Spots make our homes look messy. That messy home makes us feel bad and when we feel defeated we close out the world and stop dreaming.

We all have to start someplace or just start over! Jump back on the FlyLady Bandwagon and go shine your sink. Lay your clothes out for tomorrow, get up and get dressed to your lace up shoes, use a timer to keep you focused and declutter for 15 minutes each day. The beauty to all of this is that it is not too much to do. You don't feel pressured. The best part is that you are empowered to keep taking these babysteps because they are doable! With each step you take the
peace begins to give you time to dream again!

What is your Dream? As your home comes together your dreams will become clear. I want to hear about your dream. Send it to me; FlyLady@flylady.net with TIME TO DREAM in the subject line.

Jump on the Bandwagon!


January 9

The Refrigerator!!!
 If your like me....I have a freezer on top and fridge on bottom.  And when I buy groceries it seems things get pushed to the back all the time and we cant see it!!!  And we cannot forget about the bottom drawers....I opened mine today and realized I forgot food in there AGAIN!!!  had to throw out a head of lettuce, a stalk of celery, and two tomatoes..it gets frustrating!!  NO MORE!!!  Time to take out the food and get rid of anything that is expired.  The drawers can be taken out and washed clean.  When you get it all clean and put your food back in you can make a list....yes a list...write down what is in the fridge...especially the drawers to let you know what is in there and keep it on the front of your fridge!!!     Now Food won't go bad!!!  You will remember its in there!!!   Happy Day!!

january 8 SUNDAY

Sunday...Day of rest.
After supper tonight...gather everything you need for the morning.  Even get the kids to make their lunches tonight and get their clothes ready for morning...It makes every morning go much smoother!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Good Morning!!!
I know for you following me in Newfoundland its afternoon..:-)  Today is the day in Newfoundland when everyone takes down there Christmas tree and decorations...Growing up in Newfoundland this was always the day.  After old Christmas day.  So when your packing away your decorations take special care in wrapping the 'special' ornaments.  Newspaper is a great way to wrap them.  This year I used a couple sandwich containers.  Wrapped them and placed them inside...also pay attention to anything that is broken.  If it is no ggod..throw it out or glue it back together before you put it away...Dont forget to check your Christmas cards..lol...Hubby packed everything away and i realized I forgot to take out the gift cards....He had to go to the shed and take everything back out again!!!  lol  Cutting cardboard to wrap Christmas lights around is a great way to prevent tangled lights next year.  I hope these few tips help!!
Happy Day!!!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

January 6

Last day of Christmas...'ole Christmas Day'.  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.
Fridays Tip...Your Microwave!!!  lol...i have to admit i do not like cleaning the microwave..but i have a found a easy way to get all the food off easily.  Take a bowl and place some water in it along with a few drops of lemon juice.  Microwave for a minute and use the water with a wet cloth to wipe away all the food!!!  Easy Easy & it only takes less than fifteen minutes!!!
Happy Day!!  Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

January 5

Did you know that AVON bubble bath is wonderful for cleaning?  Pick your favorite flavor and add a capful to your bathroom sink full of water and a way you go!!  Excellent for mirrors.  And it leaves a wonderful smell.  You can google AVON bubble bath if you don't believe me!!!!  Happy Day!!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January 4

How is everyone??  How is the New Year treating you so far??  Is anyone following me??  LOL....I am doing the tips I put here.  I have had several e-mails asking me if this is all the cleaning I do in my home.  NO its not!!  LOL....I do have a routine in my housework. At least I try.  I have followed  www.flylady.net for at least 5 years and she has helped ALOT!!!  And of course my mother....without her I would not know how to do anything (love you Mom)  I LOVE Lysol wipes...everyday my two bathrooms get wiped down with them along with my kitchen counter.  (Saturday I give my bathrooms a complete clean)...Laundry is a pet peeve but we do it EVERYDAY!!!  Yes everyday.  In the morning it goes in the washing machine before work and usually the first one home puts it in the dryer and than it gets folded and put away.  I guess after so long of doing it this way it grows on you.  I do love to vaccum.  I can vaccum all day long....lol.  My faithful buddy is a upright electrolux and now at 16 years old I think its soon time to bury him.  Hubby keeps saying it will burst into flames soon. :-(
ok enough of babbling.....
Tip of the day:   Under the kitchen sink.  We all like to put our cleaning supplies here.  With it being a New Year & everyone thinking clean & Organized lets organize our cleaning supplies.  Take it all out.  Wipe out the cupboard.  Put it all back.....and get rid of old supplies or anything you do not use!!!!   
Happy Day to everyone!!!

January 3

Medicine cabinet (or in my case a basket full of medicine)
Lets go through it.....15 minutes!  Take it all out.  Look at the expiration dates & if out of date get rid of it.
(you can bring your old meds to the pharmacy and they will dispose of it properly.  Please dont flush it down the toliet!!)  Don't forget to wipe the shelves before you put it back!!  Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

January 2

Today is time for the kitchen silverware drawer!!!   AGHhhhhhh...i opened mine and shut it again.
Ok so the way i tackled it was to take EVERYTHING out of it.  Wipe out the drawer & plastic trays.
Goodness (and Emma) only knows what i found in there!!   we threw out about 30 napkins, 40 plastic bread ties, chopsticks, ketchup packets, Found several items for the toolbox and other areas of the home.  lol.  We also threw out ALOT of things we just dont use.  And if dont use them....I dont need them!   15 Minutes was all it took!!   Get going.....GO clean out your drawers!!!

January 1 2012

Happy New Year!!!
and welcome to my blog.  This is my first time blogging.  I follow alot of people and there blogs and thought I can do this as well!!  SO what i am going to do is each day give a handy tip for the house.  Cleaning & Organizing being the main focus!
Here we go!

Day 1:
  Entryway closet...Bottom only! Gather three bags or boxes.  One for Keep, One for Garbage, One for Donate  Remove ALL footwear and whatever else may be lying in there.  It tends to gather as we just kick off our boots, shoes, & sandals throw them in and hope the door will close.  Once you get it all removed look to see what is too small, never worn anymore, too ugly and cant believe you kept it this long or just garbage!!  Now GO!!!  15 minutes is all the time this should take...once you get it sorted grab your swiffer or what ever you use to wipe out the bottom of the closet.  If you have anything for the give away pile go and put it straight in your car.  (out of sight out of mind)...now you can put back your footwear!!!   Nice & Neat!!!  Way to go!!