Monday, 27 February 2012


Hope the decluttering went well...Im forever decluttering....BUT I am getting there.  Its amazing how much your basement can hold..Big or Small we always find spots to 'stick stuff'...Girls and I started on our basement yesterday...First step for me is to get it organized...alot of totes..Now i got everything organized I have to start
going through the totes....It will take awhile but WE WILL get it done!!  Recyclables ..what do you do with yours??  I have realized yesterday I dont need to hold on to all the that the blue ray player came for for telephone...etc....I recycled them all and freed up alot of space!!!!
Happy Recycling!!    (if your reading this honey...don't worry...your GI Joes are fine..I didn't recycle them) :-0

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