Sunday, 12 February 2012

monday Feb.13th

Happy Birthday Michelle!!
  Hey everyone....Well its day 45...Today I got sort of.  My daughter wanted to go swimming and we have misplaced her rec card.  I tore up the kitchen looking for it....well 2 hours into it I found alot of interesing things and also a few things I misplaced before.   A few people knew what I was doing and I was asked by a couple...."why are you looking for it? your miss organized".....Well no Im  And today was proof.  However...I have realized that whatever I do not use IS garbage and I know longer need to hold on to bills that have been paid...Shred them everyone!!!   go buy a shredder and shred to your hearts content...Wonderful feeling to get rid of all the paper!!  
It is a slow get organized...but with each passing day it gets easier.  You just have to forge ahead!
I do hope by day 365 I will be 'miss organized'....Love you all!!

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